We’re storytellers who’ve developed our shooting style through years of experience. We know that every production is different and that every shoot requires something different to best tell that story. Some shoots require multiple cameras and a dozen lights to properly execute. Others require one person with a camera in the right place at the right right time. We pride ourselves on making sure we’re capturing the right images for any given project and making the production as smooth and easy as possible.

We specialize in small to medium size corporate video productions, documentaries, and interviews. If you need a lead cinematographer or an extra camera op for your production, we can fit in with your existing crew while still bringing our unique perspective to add value to any shoot. Or if you need us to provide a small to medium size crew for a multicam shoot with full lighting, we have the crew and gear necessary and can help make your production a success.

We don’t specialize in audio recording but can record audio for interviews or other relatively simple productions, reducing your the need to hire an extra crew member on smaller projects.