We can live stream up to 3 HD cameras in addition to a computer output (to display Powerpoint slides or other pre-recorded content) to Livestream, Facebook, or YouTube. Our live streaming setup is completely wireless allowing us to capture angles from around your venue without needing to run long cables for each individual camera. This significantly decreases our set up time.

For most corporate live streams, a 2 camera setup works great. We’ll have one closeup shot and one wide shot in addition to the computer that can display PowerPoint slides. For larger venues, a third camera can be added with an alternative angle to create a more dynamic live stream. For other types of streams (sports, plays, school functions, etc), we’d love to discuss what you’re looking for and can custom design a live stream setup that meets your needs (for example, a 4th camera can replace the computer feed as a roaming camera).

We use Canon Cinema EOS cameras for our live streaming setups. These cameras are fantastic low light performance so even if your venue has limited lighting, the video stream will still look great. We can provide wireless microphones for the presenters or can also receive a feed from a house system as needed.

For most live streams, we’ll want to run a test on location ahead of the actual event. Ideally, we’ll need an ethernet internet connection for the best results but can also work with a strong WiFi signal if an ethernet connection is not available. If your stream is going to be relatively short (10-20 minutes), we can also use a 4G connection for an additional fee.